About Us

Welcome to My Fabulous Style.  Angie M. & Keasha D. are a sister team along with Kayla E.,who wanted to create a blog with content geared at helping people find their inner fabulous.  Growing up in a culture where the word fabulous is seemingly defined for you, we realized there was a niche for bringing awareness of ones own “fabulous”!  Our shop is about helping each person create their on style.  Style is what you make it. Fabulous Style is not just about fashion. It’s a way to define you and how you feel about yourself.


The best advice we can give you about finding your own fab style is “don’t worry about other people’s expectations of you.”  Remember, you know what makes you feel fabulous, authentic to the real you.  The key to creating your own style is to take action.  Find your individual personality and build from that.


Determine what you love and take risk.  Look your best and feel like a superstar. Strengthening your will power can help you find that fab you you’ve been looking for.  Make today the day you take control and create your own fabulous style. 


Create Your Fabulous Style With My Fabulous Style!